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                    Home  /  Quality  /  Quality Assurance

                    Zhongbang is committed to “Quality” as a way of life regardless of commercial consequences. Zhongbang is striving for continuous improvement by upgrading quality management from time to time to meet the product quality and customer satisfaction as well.

                    Zhongbang has a competent team of QA who has very solid experience. The team assures that quality is met at every stage of our production process from purchasing raw materials to delivery. In addition to a comprehensive Quality Assurance program, Zhongbang’s employees follow strict Quality Control Measures in every aspect of the production process.

                    At Zhongbang, the production workshop and warehouse are built in accordance with the GMP certification criteria of China. Zhongbang has implemented a comprehensive set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in accordance with GMP and international regulatory bodies. SOPs usually get applied in any pharmaceutical process that could affect the quality of the product. All employees with direct or indirect involvement in any activity related to the production of drug products, have received ongoing training in GMP appropriate to their function.