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                    Red Sun Pharm's Intellectual Property Project Successfully Passed Acceptance Check


                    In June 2023, Red Sun Pharmaceutical Company successfully passed the acceptance of the Jiangsu Strategic Plan project organized by the expert team of the Jiangsu Intellectual Property Office, and the acceptance of the High Value Patent Cultivation Center project organized by the expert team of the Nanjing Intellectual Property Office. The expert group consulted materials on patent layout, strategic planning, case analysis, training work, audit reports, and other aspects. After careful verification, it was unanimously agreed that the project had passed acceptance.

                    For many years, Red Sun Pharma has continuously increased its investment in intellectual property to enhance its core competitiveness in the industry. Through the implementation of its intellectual property strategy, it has strengthened its independent innovation capacity and possesses a batch of intellectual property core technologies. It has applied for 128 invention patents and authorized 40 invention patents, and has been awarded the titles of Nanjing Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Enterprise Intellectual Property Strategy Promotion Plan, Nanjing High Value Patent Cultivation Center Projects such as the Nanjing Excellent Invention Patent Award and the Provincial Key R&D Plan (Social Development).

                    Red Sun Pharma will take the acceptance of two intellectual property projects as an opportunity to strengthen its independent intellectual property rights, continue to actively promote high-quality intellectual property achievements, and form a batch of excellent invention patents. At the same time, it will improve its overseas and domestic patent layout plans based on the target market, continuously improving the enterprise"s ability to create, apply, manage, and continue operating intellectual property rights in market competition.

                    In recent years, Red Sun has made efforts to create an industrial chain ecosystem of "Bioenergy, bio pesticide and bio medicine" by "focusing on the main business, extending the chain and strengthening the chain", and has successfully stimulated the "chain" development effect. Under the influence of unfavorable factors that exceeded expectations in the world economy, the rise of the Red Sun against the trend fully demonstrates the historical and cultural heritage of Chinese national dignity enterprises, as well as strong growth resilience and development potential.